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Building a community, for a community, by a community.

So I had this idea

It’s not an idea that I’d really claim as mine, since it’s not really a new idea, but it’s still something.

The main tl;dr; is I want to build a community of workshop builders instead of presenters

I’ve only been in this industry for around 5 years

and quite honestly that’s both a really long time and also no time at all. I’ve had the privilege to be a part of multiple communities across a number of my identities. Within the tech meetup space can be a community that is welcoming and a great place to work on presentations in safety as you build out the details of your talk.

As we grow as programmers and as engineers, many companies require a certain amount of “thought leadership” or “self-brand recognition” as proof that you are ready for the pressures of a senior title or higher. What this turns into for the most part is a direct line question of “how many conferences have you presented at?” or “how many meetups have you presented at?”. While these questions are fine in their own right, it’s very limiting to say that outside of interpersonal communication, departmental mentorship, or technical competency, we’re going to use this ecosystem of presentations as a litmus test for how ready you are for more responsibility within an organization.

I (as I’m sure others as well) pose this question to the community


Why presentations, why branding, why any of this as a prerequisite.

In an attempt to assuage my frustrations, I didn’t really want answers. Any answer I’ve heard has been lip service at best.

It’s time for a Caveat

I say this